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Post Date: 06/20/2020 Job Code: RN LPN CGV Title: Registered Nurse needed City: Marietta State: GA


Location: Sanzie Healthcare Services -Marietta Georgia


Provide care to clients according to the Plan of Care under the supervision of a Registered Nurse ("RN") according state and federal rules and regulations and SHCS philosophy, policies and procedures. Services include:

  • Administer Medications/Injections
  • Measure In-take and Output
  • Tube Feedings
  • Vital Signs
  • Collect Blood Samples
  • Provide Activity of Daily Living
  • Monitor Catheters
  • Dress Wound
  • Observe/Report Changes in Client's Condition
  • Obtain Specimens for Analysis
  • Teach Family/Responsible Party about Client Care
  • Evaluate the significance of assessment findings and communicates any pertinent information about the Client's status and ongoing needs to the RN
  • Demonstrate knowledge of medications and their correct administration based on age of the client and Client's clinical position
  • Follows the five (5) rights of medication to reduce the potential for medication errors
  • Perform all aspects of Client care in an environment that optimizes the Client's safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors
  • Perform Client care responsibilities considering needs to the standard of care for Client's age
  • Promote Client/family/caregiver education using various verbal and written communication techniques that take into account the Client's/family's cultural, ethnic and/or personal needs or preferences
  • Supervise CNAs ensuring progress, Plan of Care is being followed and client's satisfaction with services
  • Complete and submit necessary documentation in accordance state and federal rules and regulations and with Company's policies and procedures
  • Maintains currency of professional knowledge by participating in continuing education
  • Participate in interdisciplinary team conferences in accordance with Company policy.
  • Identify and assesses appropriate resources to meet client and/or family needs to facilitate optimal Client outcomes


  • Current State of Georgia License as a LPN
  • A minimum of one (1) year nursing experience preferred
  • Home Health experience a plus
  • Current CPR/First Aide certification
  • Good organizational and communication skills
  • Copy of SSN
  • Valid driver's license/State ID
  • Negative PPB TB skin test within the last twelve (12) months
  • Pass criminal background check

The LPN Intake Coordinator/Educator is responsible for coordinating all new referrals made to the agency, insuring that all new referrals meet the agency's policies and procedure as well as federal/state regulations and guidelines.

Patient Care:

  • Maintains working knowledge of current home health coverage guidelines, admission criteria, documentation requirements, coding guidelines and care planning with case conference; manages patient care accordingly.
  • Effectively manages initial home visit; introducing services, admission criteria, process for determining patient eligibility and for obtaining required consents when eligibility is confirmed.
  • Assesses the patient/caregiver willingness, ability, and barriers to learn patient care techniques and for achieving independence in care; documents patient and family response to teaching.
  • Outlines aide care plan; performs ongoing home health aide oversight, revises aide care plan based on patient progress; evaluates home health aide care every 14 days or per state payer requirement and state regulations.
  • Supervises CAN participation in patient's plan of care and performance of skilled interventions at intervals defined by state regulations.
  • Initiates the plan of care and related nursing interventions; conducts goal-oriented visits; ensures other nursing team members have information needed for continuity of care and continued progress.
  • Provides patient/family teaching per POC; assesses and documents response to teaching.
  • Advocates for the patient as required.
  • Completes an accurate, initial comprehensive head to toe assessment. Completes for home health patients, an OASIS, and other assessments of patient and family to determine home care needs; obtains a history of current and previous illness(es).
  • Uses health assessment data, input from agency team members, the physician, patient and family, to determine patient needs.
  • Effectively manages patient and family expectations regarding agency services, outcomes/discharge goals and ability to achieve independence in care.
  • Establishes appropriate primary and secondary diagnosis based on patient assessment and focus of home health care.
  • Develops a care plan, incorporating appropriate skilled interventions, and necessary medical supplies/equipment and ancillary/specialty services, to achieve outcome/discharge goals.
  • Protects realistic home health visits by discipline and medical supplies required per planned interventions and discharge goals. Write POC orders accordingly.
  • Regularly evaluates home health patient's progress, in collaboration with team members; revises patient POC accordingly.
  • Performs ongoing appropriate OASIS assessments and revises POC accordingly.
  • Identifies home health patient's discharge planning needs when developing the plan of care; identifies and implements community referrals prior to patient discharge; determines patient readiness for discharge based on expected outcomes, goals and coverage guidelines.


  • Prepares clinical notes and other required documentation within the required timeframes.
  • Obtains/receives physician orders as required for treatment changes; communicates new/changes orders to appropriate team members.
  • Tracks all assigned cases, organizes schedule to ensure all patients' needs are met per their individual POC.
  • Meets agency productivity requirements
  • Requests PTO in advance per agency protocol
  • Communicates with the Clinical Supervisor regarding the coordination of the plan of care, need for overflow, weekend, and after-hours nurse assignment.
  • Ensures the availability of equipment/supplies and other necessary items to support care plans; uses equipment/ supplies per plan of care and document per agency policy.
  • Provides instruction for other team members
  • Provides updates for the primary physician when necessary and at least every sixty days.
  • Facilitates ongoing care discussions and team case conference discussion of the patient goals, progression, needs for ongoing care, and revises goals and/or interventions to enhance patient progress toward discharge.
  • Plans and coordinates assignment of clinical staff to clients with input from the Home Health Director, Administration, and Physician as needed.
  • Works cooperatively with other staff members in coordination of patient care services and disciplines.
  • Acts as liaison between clinical staff and community health care providers by communicating changes in patient status and care as appropriate.
  • Evaluates potential referrals, including review of facility documentation.
  • Becomes aware of Level of Care issues related to home care, and familiar with insurance reimbursements.
  • Participates and assists in case conferences, in-services, and meetings as needed.
  • Works with personnel or other community agencies involved in the client's care as directed by the Home Health Services Director and Administrator.
  • Coordinates with agency Team Coordinator/Staffing Specialists insuring appropriate staffing coverage for new referrals.
  • Coordinates with agency RN Case Managers and clinical staff to assure efficient admission of new referrals.
  • Ensures effective and timely coordination of client home care services through the timely completion of required documentation and computer data entry for new intakes, as well as timely transfer of pertinent medical data to client's physician, therapists, and agency staff members.
  • Maintains accurate and comprehensive client medical data throughout the intake process.
  • Notifies Branch Manager regarding proposed changes that may affect the intake process.
  • Investigates and takes appropriate actions on client/consumer complaints.
  • Attends weekly Team Coordinator/Staffing Specialist meetings to insure consistent lines of communication regarding new intakes and existing cases needing staffing coverage.
  • Supervises Team Coordinators to ensure effective handling of clients' schedules.
  • New referral coordination assures agency intake processes meet applicable local, state and federal licensing/regulatory requirements in addition to agency policies and procedures.
  • Directs the recertification process ever sixty days by obtaining a roster of all patients with plan of treatments that are to be recertified and establishing completion of this process timely.
  • Reviews medical records and updates treatment plan forms.
  • Audits medical records on each patient at the time of recertification, completes appropriate audits and forwards to Director of Patient Care Services.
  • Reviews recertification treatment plan summaries for transcribing or typing errors prior to Registered Nurse review and submission for physician's signature.
  • Correlates recertification audits with OASIS audits, quarterly chart audits, and adverse event audits.
  • Assists Billing Coordinator with billing audits as necessary
  • Communicates effectively to obtain patient information for ordered services.
  • Develops working relationship with hospital and insurance case managers to provide quality, compliant care.
  • Ensures all needed clinical information is provided to insurance companies to obtain authorization of services.
  • Maintains client dashboard for pending referrals requiring authorization.
  • Uploads authorizations into patient's electronic chart
  • Enter authorization information for patients into electronic system
  • Participates in team conferences to discuss patient's needing authorization
  • Maintains confidentiality of company and patient information
  • Provides proper notification and/or advance notice of absence or tardiness without abuse

Additional Duties:

  • Participates in personal, professional growth and development, maintains current licensure. Independently seeks learning opportunities.
  • Participates and contributes to QAPI program
  • Attends all in-services training sessions and programs required by agency.

Recommended Skills

  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Leadership
  • Nursing
  • Hospitalization
  • Diseases And Disorders
  • Training
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