5 Best Instant Breakdown Cover In The UK 2023 (2023)

Many companies provide instant breakdown cover in the UK, and drivers have various options when selecting a company to work with.

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The car you drive probably is one of the most valuable items you own, so investing in adequate protection for your car is essential.

Knowledge is power when selecting the finest breakdown insurance cover in the UK. Knowing the pricing charged by the most prominent breakdown cover companies and the many services they provide, you will be better positioned to select the most suitable option for your requirements.

In addition, analyzing reviews and data, such as the amount of time it takes for a firm to provide roadside assistance, might aid you in narrowing down your options.

You can choose a supplier that provides the most value for your money if you know which companies provide exceptional customer service.

The followings are a comprehensive overview of some of the most successful instant breakdown cover providers in the UK in 2023, including a comparison of their strong and weak points to assist you in selecting the company that will best meet your requirements.

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5 Best Instant Breakdown Cover In The UK 2023

#1. MotorEasy

MotorEasy is another company offering coverage at much lower pricing than the leading two recovery companies. The company claims that 80 per cent of its breakdowns are fixed at the roadside, meaning “you’ll be back on the road in no time.”

The MotorEasy automobile warranty group includes the roadside assistance service as one of its components. Because recovery expenses’ are included in the services provided by that division, the roadside help department merely eliminates the need for a middleman.

If you have a vehicle warranty coverage via MotorEasy, they will pay the price for your recovery and organize everything for you.

You may choose from one of four different levels of coverage. You will be able to choose an affordable and adequate option. Choose from complete instant breakdown cover to essential roadside assistance in the United Kingdom for a yearly cost of as little as £36.30.

However, to find out the additional expenses, you will need to input your information into the website since there is no advertised pricing.

#2. Green Flag

Although Green Flag is an instant breakdown cover provider, we must remember that although we have data on file for 13 separate breakdown firms, only four companies match the stringent requirements necessary to be included in our published rankings.

Despite this, Green Flag has earned good marks across the board in each evaluated category. You are pleased with how simple it is to get breakdown protection, and you also feel that the whole service is smooth and that specialists can conduct repairs by the side of the road.

However, Green Flag was the only one of our four companies that did not have a permanent repair as the most usual outcome of a call-out. Most of you said that your vehicle only received a temporary patch-up due to the visit.

Wait times at Green Flag’s call centres and the amount of time spent idling while awaiting a rescue vehicle have room for improvement.

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In addition, although a respectable percentage of you could have your issue fixed within an hour, just 1.86 percent of respondents indicated that Green Flag reached their location in less than half an hour, in contrast to 10.78 percent who said that the RAC did so.

#3. The AA

It is the breakdown organization that practically everyone has heard of, complete with the recognizable yellow rescue cars that have been a sight on the roadways of the United Kingdom for decades. The Automobile Association (AA) can trace its beginnings back to 1905.

At one point in time, motorists who joined up as members of the AA were granted access to roadside emergency telephone boxes, and AA technicians would greet passing motorists who displayed the organization’s logo.

There are 2,900 members in today’s Air Force Antiaircraft fleet of patrols. That is more than its primary competitor, the RAC, although it is far less than the 3,500 estimated to have been handled by the association some years ago.

The instant breakdown cover offered by the AA is one of many expensive options. You may get “insurance for £6 a month,” but remember that this only applies to one car breakdown protection while you are away from your house.

Also, you can get a quotation for one individual in any car, two individuals, or a whole family. You also have the option to include additional services, like aid at home, national rehabilitation, and help with “onward travel.”

#4. Britannia Rescue

Britannia Rescue routinely performs higher than its more well-known competitors in customer surveys, gaining acclaim for the effectiveness of its rescue teams and the number of volunteers they recruit.

It is owned by the insurance firm LV, which reports an average response time of 54 minutes. Its current numbers indicate that 92% of clients it responded to could continue their trip. The training of mechanics covers both internal combustion engines and electric automobiles.

There are five different levels of coverage available, with the most basic costing only £30 per year and providing essential roadside assistance and local recovery for up to ten miles from where you break down. If you upgrade to the £63 fee level, you will also get support in your own house.

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The recovery is available across the United Kingdom for a yearly fee of £70. If they cannot repair your vehicle on the same day, you will be given the option to either rent a car, stay in a hotel for the night, or use another mode of transportation for the same price of £99.

The most expensive option, which costs 142 pounds, brings the coverage to Europe and includes transportation back to the United Kingdom.

#5. GEM Motoring Assist

The individual category that GEM scored the highest in was the one that evaluated how simple it was to purchase coverage.

The company earned first place in this category due to the short time customers had to wait for an operative to answer the phone when they called the call centre following a breakdown.

This finding is supported by the fact that three-quarters of respondents reported receiving assistance from a roadside technician within an hour of their vehicle experiencing a breakdown. That is great, yet this is far from being the finest.

Although the first score is positive, GEM Motoring Assist’s total grade needs to improve due to the low percentage of you who claim technicians could perform a permanent repair on your vehicle.

However, half of you had some repair, enabling you to continue your trip or at least not have to be taken to a garage.

5 Best Instant Breakdown Cover In The UK 2023 (1)

What To Search For In A Breakdown Insurance Coverage?

Most instant breakdown cover providers protect part of an annual membership, and virtually all offer a comprehensive selection of services, ranging from simple roadside repairs to assistance wherever in the UK.

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Most policies include towing your vehicle back to your residence or a specified garage.

Some even provide home-start assistance if your vehicle develops problems before you even set out on your trip. In most situations, adding one of these “extras” to your yearly membership will result in an additional expense, which may quickly add up.

Check with your insurance provider to see whether you already have roadside help as part of your policy, and if so, what the scope of that assistance is before you pay for additional breakdown coverage.

You should be able to avoid purchasing the same product twice this way, and you’ll only pay for more coverage if you want it.

Additionally, make sure that you correctly read all of the fine print. For instance, does the coverage extend to every car a family member may drive, or is it limited to just one person or car?

You should also be aware that most service providers will assist you in an emergency even if you do not have coverage; however, this will come at an additional cost.

In some instances, the operators will require that you pay for an entire year’s membership before they will assist you.

Providers like to make a great deal out of their “unlimited call-outs” offer and the fact that they do not penalize customers for repeatedly calling for help as long as it is not due to the same problem each time.

However, only a tiny percentage of vehicles will have problems repetitively over and over again. If yours does, it’s possible that you don’t require a recovery service but a new car instead.

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Final Words

After going through this list of the best instant breakdown cover providers in the United Kingdom, you know that the nation offers various breakdown covers.


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